Monday, 16 June 2014

Hifdh Diary: Day 1

At the beginning of the year I had a conversation with another homeschooling sister which we mentioned our plans for our kids to finish memorising Juz Amm by the end of this Ramadan. Now that it’s almost Ramadan the sister reminded me of our plans and how far off we were from our target! This has really made me contemplate how to proceed with hifdh because what we are doing is not really enough to realistically finish memorising the Quran within a few years as those in full-time hifdh schools are doing. I am always amazed when I hear stories of how much those memorising the Quran learn a day and I've always thought that when U reaches an appropriate age we will inshallah work towards memorising the whole Qur'an in this way. But now that he has recently turned six, although we do daily Quran lessons and alhamdulillah they are going honest truth, at the rate we are going it would take almost a lifetime to complete- and that is if he lives beyond sixty!!! So last week I sat down with U and explained that I wanted to use the next couple of months as a trial to see how much we can memorise each day and see if we can complete the remainder of the Juz by the end of Ramadan. We decided to dedicate the morning to hifdh which would work out an hour first thing, a break in which he could do what he wanted, and then another hour, and then again he could do what he wanted until after lunch. Last week we spent every day revising all of his previously memorised surahs (Naas to Inshiqaq). And then today we went for it! When I say we I really do mean we as I've promised him that I will be doing hifdh with him. After going through today I've realised how important this is as firstly, my own dream of memorising Quran has not really got very far (having spent the last thirteen years memorising Surah Baqarah...and still not finished!) it’s a great excuse and opportunity for me to slack on the other household duties a bit and concentrate on Quran first thing in the day as opposed to the last thing. I also realised today that sitting doing it with him side by side I could emphasise with his frustrations especially in the case when after repeating an ayah twenty times I still made mistakes so I could really emphasize with him when he couldn’t do it.

Anyway, I thought I might use this blog as a place to record our journey as most of the Quran hifdh stories I've come across mention their schedules once it’s been fine tuned and they are already in the full swing of things. But I've always been curious to know what process they go through to get to the "memorise a page in twenty minutes" stage. From all who I've spoken to and what I've read the three essentials is dua, persistence and consistency...and then it just get easier with time.

So today is officially day one for U and my hifdh journey, and although we have been memorising for longer than this it feels like today is day one as we have put into action what we say we want to do by seriously devoting proper time to with a set plan. Our target was to learn three lines (not ayahs but three lines of the mushaf). I chose this amount because if we do three lines a day, we will inshallah memorise a page each week which means we will achieve U’s target of finishing Juz Amm in August and my target of finishing Surah Baqarah before the end of Ramadan.

The method we are using to memorise is an ayah by ayah method (or line by line if the ayah is longer than a line). So we recite an ayah twenty times by looking, then ten more times alternating with looking and not looking. Then I test U on the ayah five times. If he can do it on the fifth time he continues to the next ayah and so on. At the end of the three lines, he reads all three lines twenty times, then ten times alternating looking and not looking then I test him on the whole three lines five times.

That's what we did in the morning split into two hour-long lessons. He had a break in the middle which ran on longer than expected (an hour and a half) and when he sat down again it took him a long time to focus and he got quite emotional as he was finding that he couldn't remember even after the twenty times. We both agreed that we would keep the break shorter and indoors to see if it helped keep his concentration better. I tested him again later in the afternoon on the way to A and U’s swimming lessons. He said he had forgotten it all. Now normally I might have flown off the handle a little bit with that remark…not because he forgot it but I always tell the kids that I never want to hear them say ‘I can’t’ but ‘I’ll try’, but having memorised three lines myself in the morning, I tried reciting my ayahs and actually at first I felt ‘Oh my gosh I can’t even remember the first word!’. It took a while to recall them and even then I got stuck halfway through. So instead of making a huge deal about his attitude, I just recited him his ayahs a few times and he recited with me. After the swimming lesson on the way back he still couldn't recite it independently. So in the evening I got him to sit down and read his three lines a few times, to test himself then I listened to him. However I fear it will all be gone tomorrow and he will be demotivated and that's something which I have felt myself. But I have to remind myself and him that with dua, persistency and consistency it will get easier inshallah. It’s not the amount that we can recall which is important for us right now but that we get in the habit of doing this daily and that week by week we improve.

This week as we are new to memorising three whole lines at a time and its taking a lot more time than I imagined and its actually quite tiring, I have decided not to get U to revise his other surahs. I will also probably not ask him to do any ‘school work’ but in honest truth he will probably get a lot of things done anyway as he loves reading and is very very curious.

I’m still trying to work out how to fit in revision of old surahs into our routine. Also tomorrow we are meeting some other kids in the park so I’m wondering how to work our hifdh around the times we have to go out for most of the mornings or the day. U wakes up really early so the simple solution would be for me to wake up with him and we would start earlier than our usual 9am. But I’m so tired in the mornings as baby N is still nursing and keeps me up at night. But I think it’s the only way not to miss a day of hifdh as I really feel that daily lessons is key to keeping up the momentum.

Last thing to mention about today is that we started watching the series “Traveller with the Qur'an”. We watched it as a family and it was so timely that we started watching it today because mashallah it was a brilliant motivating way to end the day. I really recommend everyone to watch it!

Australia lapbook

The kids have just finished a project on Australia that was completely dictated and worked upon by themselves! Finally, the moment I've been waiting for, I can relax and leave them to teach themselves...(well I can always hope).

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Weather and transport Arabic crafts

Arabic has never come easy for us so I’ve always tried to include lots of play and craft into our lessons to make it easier on the kids. I’ve also been trying to learn myself in my own time and it goes without saying that the more I learn Arabic the more easier it is for the kids to pick up as I can use more during our daily activites. Alhamdulilah, although we are still in the beginners phase, it is becoming easier and more interesting as we can make little sentences in all sorts of contexts.
Also we are still going to the kids and mums Arabic class which is always fun mashAllah as we have a great teacher whom the kids really love. Topics covered in the class recently included clothes, weather and transport. At home the kids made a weather wheel and a vehicle mobile which helped a long way in remembering the vocabulary. Making crafts that the kids want to display makes it more likely that we will revise the topic and not keep on going round in circles of remembering and forgetting.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Caterpillar watch

We went to a butterfly workshop about three weeks back which the kids absolutely loved, namely because they got to take home their own caterpillar. It was so tiny at first but rapidly grew. And now it’s formed a cocoon which we are watching with baited breath…

Thursday, 22 May 2014

DIY Montessori materials: Continent map

Since the DIY Montessori continent globe was such a great hit in our house I’ve also gone and painted the continents on our world map with the Montessori colours. It instantly drew the kids to what was before too complicated for them to really be interested in it. Due to their handling the map so often the colours are actually wearing off but now they are interested in the details underneath and try to read the country names in each of the continents and ask about the different symbols shown. Both of them have decided they want to learn about Australia so right now we are in the middle of a unit study on Australia. It's always great seeing the kids take initiative in their learning. I find it reasurring that maybe I'm not completly doing a bad job!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Making candle holders

As part of our lesson on moon phases we did this really cool craft activity which I had to share as it is so simple yet has amazing results! The children drew the phases of the moon using felt pens on some foil. Next, with the foil on top of a tea towel, they pierced regularly spaced holes over their designs using skewers. They both experimented with other designs, as did I. Then we wrapped the foils around glass jars or even drinking glasses (but the wax is a nightmare to clean off afterwards). We popped in tea lights and then waited for it to get dark before we lit them. We were mesmerised by them!

Friday, 2 May 2014

What happened to Friday cooking?

Yeah I's been a long time since I last posted. Well many things have been going on but I put the blame of my lack of updating our adventure squarely on the baby! The last few months I have actually been putting my inability to do many things down to Baby N. She's now fourteen months but they way I have to carry her around you would not think she's been walking since she was ten months. When she doesn't want to be carried around she's busy climbing anything and every thing. I've had a lot of heart in the mouth moments from her dare devil antics. It's often better to just put up with carrying her around! However one thing which I am determined to do with the kids is cooking with them on their designated cooking day. The enthusiasm from the kids totally make the hassle worth it.  The best so far has been the freshly baked bread. We've also made scones. And on a day when the Baby N was being particularly whiny we just settled for decorating shop bought biscuits, which the kids still enjoyed, although I thought the biscuits tasted awful.

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